Are you ready to become "Master of the BBQ Pit?"

Learning how to barbecue can be a bit overwhelming, but I will guide you step-by-step through the whole process. The detailed information and pictures here at the smokin’ barrel will make learning how to barbecue, well..simple.

Around here Barbecue isn't just a way to cook or smoke's a way of life. For us, BBQ isn't just part of the party, it is the PARTY!

There ain't NOTHING better than being with friends and family, hanging around the BBQ smoker (that you built), having a few drinks while smelling the beautiful aroma of a wood burning barbecue pit and hearing the faint sizzle of the fat slowly rendering into liquid love and gently rolling down the sides of the meat, basting it as it adds a hypnotizing flavor to the smoke and air....only 1 word properly describes it: "Heaven"